When the inside of a tooth, the pulp chamber, becomes infected, the bacteria begin to multiply and cause infection. A dentist performs a thorough evaluation and determines whether a root canal is needed. At Alpine Dental, we offer fast, effective root canal services.

What Exactly is a Root Canal?

A root canal is the name of the treatment dentists use to repair a tooth that is significantly decayed or infected. The procedure requires the dentist to remove both the nerve and the pulp and clean out the infected tissues from inside of the tooth. A rubbery material is injected into the root’s canals and a sealant is used to fill the hole in the tooth. A crown is then put over the tooth for additional strength and durability.

Why Are Root Canals Needed?

When the infection in a tooth is so severe that it spreads to the root, it can negatively affect the pulp, nerves and blood vessels. An infected tooth can cause sensitivity to temperature, discoloration, swollen gums and great pain when chewing, talking or even when at rest. If the infected tooth isn’t treated quickly, it can actually lead to an abscess, which is an accumulation of infected fluids and is very painful. The root canal treatment gets rid of the diseased part of the inner tooth and stops the infection from spreading.

Do Root Canals Hurt?

Your mouth will be numb during the root canal procedure so you shouldn’t feel pain in the dentist’s office. However, because it is an invasive oral procedure, some patients might experience a little pain and tenderness in the first few days following the root canal. Most of the pain can be managed by simple pain relievers and within a week, you will be completely pain-free.

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