A dental cleaning, known as prophylaxis, is the best way to prevent periodontal disease and other dental issues. At Alpine Dental, we perform fast, effective cleanings in our comfortable dental office in Farmington, using the latest high-tech procedures.

Dental cleanings consist of plaque detection, removal of supra- and sub-gingival plaque and calculus and application of caries preventing agents. It’s important to have x-rays taken at this time as well so we can detect any problems or abnormalities in your mouth. We’ll also polish your teeth and give you a fluoride treatment. Our friendly hygienist will also talk with you about your oral care and tips and tricks to keep your mouth in optimal health. It’s our goal to keep your mouth healthy and your smile bright, so regular cleanings are a must!

How Often Should I Get My Teeth Cleaned?

For adults, a dental cleaning every six months should be sufficient to maintain good oral health. However, depending on your personal circumstances, a dentist might recommend more frequent visits, especially if you are being treated for certain issues like gum disease. At Alpine Dental, we make sure to provide you with a customized assessment of your dental needs and we’ll work with you on setting up an appropriate cleaning schedule.

How Often Should Children Get Their Teeth Cleaned?

At Alpine Dental, we promise to provide your child with the best possible dental care. When it comes to scheduling cleanings, they should be regular and age appropriate.

  • The first dental visit should take place around your child’s first birthday. We’ll be able to check out those first precious teeth and give you some good tips on how to take care of your toddler’s mouth for maximum dental health.
  • Schedule dental visits for regular cleaning every six months or as often as your dentist recommends based on your child’s unique dental needs.
  • As your child ages, he or she can start to take over their own oral health care. We’ll work with your child to learn proper brushing and flossing habits, and evaluate their progress during appointments. However, this is not a replacement for proper cleanings at a dental office every six months.
  • Older children need additional dental care beyond a six-month cleaning, especially when it comes to permanent teeth, orthodontics, injuries from playing or sports, and mouthguards for activities.

We’re happy to help guide you and your child through all the challenges life brings when it comes to oral health and happy teeth.

What are Alpine Dental Happy Visits?

When your child is around two to three years old, we encourage you to visit us for a very special appointment that we call a Happy Visit. We’ll take your child on a tour of the facility and talk about all the interesting things at the dentist’s office. From sitting in the up-and-down chair to holding all the different instruments, Happy Visits helps your child be comfortable in our office and reduces anxiety for future appointments. Happy Visits are no charge and we do our best to make every visit a positive one for our youngest patients.

What is the Alpine Dental Cavity Free Club?

At Alpine Denta,l we like to recognize those kids that are cavity free at the time of their routine cleaning. We take their picture and enter their name into a drawing. At the end of each month, one lucky winner is drawn and we award them a check for $40! At the end of the year, we take all the monthly winners and draw a grand prize winner. It’s a fun incentive for kids to work hard at their oral health.

What About Fluoride?

Fluoride varnish is proven to slow down, stop and reverse cavity formation. Infants, children and teens are all at risk of developing cavities. At Alpine Dental, we include an effective fluoride treatment during cleaning, and we’ll talk to you about including fluoride in your regular oral health habits.

We invite you to experience pain-free dentistry conveniently located in Farmington.

You’re welcome to set up an appointment by calling us at 801-451-7812.