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Digital X-Rays

At Alpine Dental, we use digital x-rays to get clearer dental photos while exposing our patients to less radiation. Because we are dedicated to providing our patients with the most convenient, safest dental treatment methods available, including dental x-rays.


Dental implants are a permanent artificial tooth that cannot be removed, unlike dentures or bridges. At Alpine Dental, we offer implants as a convenient and aesthetically pleasing solution to our patients who have missing teeth.


A dental cleaning, known as prophylaxis, is the best way to prevent periodontal disease and other dental issues. At Alpine Dental, we perform fast, effective cleanings in our comfortable dental office in Farmington, using the latest high-tech procedures.

What Our Patients Think About Us

I have always been very apprehensive about going to the dentist. Dr. Leaver has been extremely gentle. Jeff has been very patient and the front office and assistants have been very helpful. I would suggest anyone going to Alpine Dental. He’s our dentist, he’s the man! You guys are terrific!

– Sharon

Today we headed down to Alpine Dental for Max’s 1st dentist appointment. We had NO idea what to expect from Max. He is a very social little bug, however, he is also very stubborn. if he doesn’t want something… or you to do something to him… he will let you know! Jeff was fabulous with Max. He went up and down for rides in the dental chair, focused and refocused the exam camera and loved having his teeth “tickled” (notice in the picture Max made sure that his little hand was holding onto the tool, too!)

– Lory

I love Alpine Dental! A few years ago I had a crown put on one of my molars by a different dentist. It never felt right. I went back to the dentist that did the crown a couple or times and he assured me that there was nothing wrong. He said because the tooth had been broken so long, my mouth just needed to get used to having the tooth there again. I was sure something was wrong with the crown so I went to two other dentist who told me the crown was fine and nothing was wrong with the tooth. The pain from the tooth got so bad I ended up in the emergency room. Then I went to Dr Leaver. He looked at the crown and noticed it was set too high. He filed it down and I haven’t had any problems with the tooth since. Dr. Leaver is so careful that when he gives a shot to numb your mouth it doesn’t even hurt! He is very caring and quickly returns phone calls, even when they are after hours. He is also very good with kids. He is patient and puts their worries at ease. The office staff is very friendly and helpful. Dr. Leaver is such an amazing dentist that I have referred all my friends and family to Alpine Dental!

– Marci

Why Are People Choosing Us?

Pain Free Dentistry

Have you ever been worried about going to the dentist? Dr. Ben Leaver will make sure your visit to the dentist is pain free and comfortable.

One Appointment Crowns

Many dental offices offer implants and the so-called teeth in a day system, but at Alpine Dental we can save you thousands upon thousands of dollars.

Our Highly-Trained Staff

Our highly-trained and friendly staff are experts in making people feel great! Our hygienist is good enough to make even the most nervous patients feel at ease.

We will deliver the highest standard of dental care, by empowering our patient through education. Our goal is to build a long lasting relationship with each of our patients.